Bill Beckett

In the nearly four decades that I’ve been in the private practice of psychotherapy, I’ve conducted almost 40,000 sessions with clients of all ages. I frequently tell folks that most of what I’ve learned about the human condition, I’ve learned from my family and clients. I’m also fortunate to have been sponsored, mentored, and inspired by many therapists and teachers.

In the order in which I met them, here are some of my role models:

  • Howard Levy, Psychiatry
  • John Applegate, Psychotherapy
  • Sally Anne Roth and Dick Chasin, Couples and Family Therapy
  • Steve Gilligan, Self-Relations, Generative Change, and Hypnotherapy in the Tradition of Milton Erickson
  • Myung Koo Cho, Taekwondo
  • Francine Schapiro, EMDR
  • Yang Jwing-Ming, Qigong and Tai Chi
  • Fred Gallo, Energy Psychology and Applied Kinesiology
  • Lee Geltman, Gestalt Therapy
  • Paul Bruno, Yin Yoga
  • Josh Summers and Terry Cockburn, Yin Yoga and Yin Meditation